Submissive girl looking for a dominant man



Today I might be closer to a femme fatale as she lives and breathes. An adult, sensual and passionate women, of a certain class, a certain wisdom and a certain knowledge of the world in which she lives.I am a woman who knows how to use my life experience to my advantage.
Awakeness is found in our pain and in our pleasure, our confusion and our wisdom, available in each moment of our weird, unfathomable, ordinary and wonderful in everyday lives.

Im looking out for an intelligent, sensual dominant athletic built man with power and confidence, knowing exactly what he wants and how to take what he needs. I deeply enjoy the masculine force. Being tackled straight and hard by a strong men excites me as the idea of being used and abused as his sexual object.
Anal orgasm is my fetish. Rigor and discipline are equally fascinating to me as harsh punishment. Respectful treatment, trust and discretion are the measure of true dominance and groundbreaking for the high value of my submissive awareness.

“ Ask everything from yourself – anything from others, so you’ll find peace.“