Mistress pushing you beyond limits


CountryUnited States
CityWest Palm Beach

I am a humble and easy going person looking for a kind hearted and loyal slave who is willing to submit himself at all time and respect me for whom i am. I am a strong Mistress and i take serving so serious, I have the inner strength to go places inside me to guide you and make you a better slave, i am not into pains but takes discipline serious when necessary.

I am very strong emotionally.I am loyal to my slave and also loyal to myself,i do not do anything that is against my own moral standings.I will never allow another person touch me in any way that would be displeasing you as my slave,i respect my property me and thrives in my ownership.
I am open and honest,i holds nothing back but revealing all things to you as my slave once i gain your trust,I believe Openness and Honesty leads to better communication allowing me to do my job as your Mistress and to know the responsibilities to takes on you. I also believe my openness allows you to be more open to me too, thus building trust between us and a deeper submission of me as a Mistress.

A good Mistress must have the spirit,A mistress needs to be intelligent. Serving includes the mind as well as the body and i am ever ready to challenge you as my slave Mentally.I am ready to please you with my thoughts,ideas and input on things you wishes.I am ready to understand your ideas and opinion and to carry on a conversation on a multitude of topics,as they can not be in scene.

I finds peace and contentment in what i have to offer you as a mistress ,I am a reflection of my slave and my property,responsibility and focused at all time.As i go on with my day,i uses my own intelligence and strength to do things in ways that are pleasing and understanding to you as my slave.

I am a Mistress because it is in my soul to be.I find pleasure in others pleasing me and getting rewards in return.I thrive on another direction,control,and presence in my life, and soul. Being a mistress is not something I choose to be,it is simply who and what I am. It is my desire to command you,to find his strength,courage,openness,honesty to make him satisfied with me as a good mistress at all time.