Looking for fun


CountryUnited Kingdom

I love sex and I would like to experience/learn more. I’ve had allot of short relationships including one night stands when its just been about meeting for sex. I however would love to find someone where sex was only one aspect of a deeper relationship. As I think with a deeper relationship comes trust and the willingness to embark on new experiences. I love talking to people on this site but don’t expect an instant reply please. Also yes I do have , however cyber/online sex chat is not something that really interests me or turns me on, I prefer face to face or phone. However I need a bit of an interest in the person before that to happen so expect to chat via email for a bit first

Lately I have experienced quite a bit thanks to this site, all of it has given me the opportunity to learn some though not particularly the greatest fun I’ve had I will never regret doing any of it. Mostly I am working on the extent of my limits, mostly I have not yet reached them.

At the moment I am still unsure as to exactly what I am looking for so really just enjoying the ride untill I do.

A man, two men, a woman and a man. Preferably not too much older than me (max 15yrs), though I know you’ll more than likely have alot more experience than me but I need to set a limit. Someone who wont demand of me anything more then what I’m willing to give.