Hot lady looking for man for real sex


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Whats to tell, Im a married, poly, pagan, mom. I work in a teahouse and have My own craft business. I do character work for events when I can and I love love love working and playing at the Renn Faires (as My pics will show). Im unique and unconventional. I fit no standard stereotypes and never have. Im as real HERE as I am in person. I tell it like it is. I dont trust easy but once you earn My trust, Im loyal to the end.

Honesty, hard working, funny, quirky, adventurous, loyal, compassionate

I am in to the lifestyle so if he happens to be submissive that could be nice too . Someone I can release My demons with.

Mostly I want a REAL… person. Someone I can talk to and spend time with. Im not looking for just a fuck buddy or a fwb. I want something deeper.