femme lesbian masochist seeks experienced people


CountryUnited States

Single professional educated independent feminine lesbian. More than 31 flavors but certainly a rather heavy masochist with handful of babygirl.
I am open to meeting and spending quality time getting to know a mature single educated professional feminine lesbian who is an experienced and active lifestyle dominant/sadist (sensual S&M/sex positive.) A woman who also desires a loving relationship with a lifestyle dynamic. Ownership minded. A life partner relationship not just a dynamic.
Zero interest in on-line games and dishonest people. I’m the real deal and am only interested in communicating with those who live the lifestyle in the real world.
There are many paths and layers within the BDSM lifestyle. My interests are just as varied. I have an insatiable appetite to experience, learn, and grow as person, within a loving nurturing „for-keeps & forever“ relationship, to share the depths of my submissive heart, body, mind, and soul with my Owner, Sadist, and loving partner. Consistent structure and goal-orientated discipline pave the way to a shared enlightenment. There too is a hungry masochistic streak; craving for the challenges, releases, from receiving her most wickedly wonderful pleasures through pain. It’s a powerful means for connecting with my submissive spirit; it’s cathartic. It’s from there the dominant and protective aspects of my daily life are humbled and cleansed from my being; where I may return to my happy loving carefree nature and authentic loving caring highly sexual girlish self. No matter my pretty verbal musings, I am still very much a deviant with all kinds of twisted ideas and delights.

Deep discussions, intellectual discourse and intimate soulful exchanges are not only enlightening and intense but also thrilling and fun all at once. Live for those ah-ha moments, laughing loud, and those wonderful moments when the world melts away and I am safe to be soft, free and beyond my wildest dreams. I am seemingly full of contradictions yet underneath them all the simplest intentions linger in optimistic hope. As a self-accomplished woman, I have a challenging personality with independent thoughts and opinions. Yet, at the root of all the cerebral antics lies within a very soft submissive core that longs for a lasting exchange based on honesty, trust, love, and intimacy; where discipline, structure, communication and consistency are the doorways to explore mutual desires. The desire to serve and yield to one woman does not make me a lesser person. There is empowerment in submission; one becomes more, not less in the evolution. Humbled by her darkest pleasures shared; never humiliated. At least that is my ideal of a healthy relationship with a foundation of power exchange.

Connection is everything; it is fundamental to the reveal my authentic self. Though it is my nature to be submissive it is not my nurture. I am rather strong willed, often stubborn, and jam packed with spunk and spirit, but I am not a brat. My humor can be brash; I can be awkwardly blunt or tap-dance around the flames until I’m tossed into the fire. My alpha armor can be perceived as challenging. I am not for everyone or just anyone. I have limits, rules, deal breakers and healthy boundaries as should my potential mate. At best, I am an acquired taste for a discerning palate with an insatiable need and desire to live in love, scratch all our primal itches, and a constant craving for „cake“ that yearns to be satiated. I was designed for one and truly believe she was designed for me. The yang to yin. True complements that thrive upon and with each other, together.

My Ideal Person
I hope to meet a mature single educated professional feminine lesbian who is an experienced and active lifestyle Dominant and Sadist (sensual S&M/sex positive, not abusive.) A woman who also desires a loving monogamous heart based relationship with a lifestyle dynamic. Ownership/marriage minded. A life partner relationship not just a dynamic. I enjoy travelling and would happily do so to get to know a potential partner. Relocatable too.

I am open to meeting mature females who are local to me and active in the lifestyle as friends. I am open to meeting female tops, dominants, sadomasochists and sadists (40’s-60’s) who are active and experienced in the lifestyle as friends and possibly select play-partners. I have references. I’m always looking to explore new munches, communities, and events with good company. Though friendships and play-partner opportunities are possible with women who are otherwise attached, I do not serve, cater to nor play with males. I am not well-suited for random hook-ups nor pick-up play either.

• Single Feminine Lesbian • Mature (Mid 40s-60s)
• Professional female desiring a long term committed relationship with a woman. If I can’t meet your work colleges or family as your wife or partner we will not be compatible for a relationship. My belief is that lifestyle dynamics belong among the lifestyle commu