femme fatale looking for submisssive man


CountryUnited States
CityNew Jersey

Inside of me lives an actress, and an artist. I have had the oppertunity to explore many personas during my years in BDSM; however, My favorite persona is the Femme Fatale; your fate in my hands, erotically disasterous. Men are simple creatures who’re easy to predict. My seductive eyes will hypnotize you into submission. I aim for perfection in everything I do. My spirituality allows me to connect to my subjects on a soul-level. I know what you long for, I know how to give it to you, and I know when to pull out. My passion is fed by your submission, your suffering, your humiliation and your pure adoration for me as your Goddess, relishing in the pleasure and pain I bring you. Boundaries and limits will always be respected. Nonetheless, it pleases me when you trust me and allow me to push your boundaries and evolve your journey as a slave.